In 2016, I published my first book, "International Peace - A Promise of Peace". This 88-page book is a hardcover pictorial overview of the International Peace Garden that is located on the Canadian and United States border in North Dakota. This is also the first book ever published about the Peace Garden.

In 2017, I followed it up with another book, "Hens and Chicks, The Vitko Collection". This book tell the origin of one of the largest private collections of cactus and succulents in the world that is at the International Peace Garden. This 80-page soft cover book contains over 210 images and is an informative book about cactus and succulents.

As a result of publishing these two books, I was approached my several gardening groups wanting me to talk about how to photograph flowers. That turned into my 3rd book, "Capturing Floral Beauty with Your Camera". This small 16-page softcover book gives you tips on lighting & composition. It covers information on depth of field, shooting macro and explaining some of the controls on cameras. This is just some basic information without going into in-depth details.

In 2020, I published one more book related to the International Peace Garden called "Reflections of Peace, Friendship and Hope". This 38-page book commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the dedication of the Peace Chapel. The Peace Chapel sits directly on the border at the west end of the formal garden. The limestone walls in the chapel contain fifty-nine quotes from philosophers, religious leaders, historians and poets. This book contains these quotes and a brief history of the Peace Garden and Peace Chapel, along with more than twenty-five images.

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